Sarah Riskind

Choral conductor and composer


Note: The price allows you to make up to 60 copies. Additional purchases are needed for larger ensembles. Versions for other voicings are a possibility– email

Confrontation ($15)

Score Preview
This string quartet features quartal harmonies with an opening choral and a mixed-meter B section. 

I Went in the Water ($15)

Score Preview

Recorded in Dublin, New Hampshire, at the world premiere performance as part of the 2018 Walden School Faculty Commissioning Concert in July 2018, featuring a performance by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). This trio for violin, saxophone, and piano grew out of a modal theme that resembles both the octatonic scale and the Phrygian dominant scale (common in Jewish music). It begins cautiously and ends in a lively dance with frequent metrical shifts that culminate in a wild ascent.