Oz Cantata Now Available


Oz Cantata for SATB chorus, soloists, and string quartet

For the University of Washington Cohort Ensemble and Recital Choir

Duration: 21’

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Excerpt from the performance notes:

This passion project brought together many aspects of my identity: the conductor, the singer, the violinist, the reader, and even the Irish music lover. In the original performance, the most accessible choral parts were sung by the entire Recital Choir (Ozma and the last portion of Tik-Tok), whereas the graduate Cohort Ensemble covered the first part of Tik-Tok as well as the solo roles. You should feel free to be flexible with the piece in the same way, or even to perform individual movements as stand-alone works.

When there is so much suffering in the world, it can be soothing for the spirit to perform music that is whimsical and optimistic. Many children’s books contain deep fundamental truths, and even those over a century old can shed light on present-day human experiences.


Violin I, Violin II, Viola, and Violoncello


I. Tik-Tok (7’15”)

Solo quartet SATB, Chorus SATB, Dorothy (speaking part), Billina the Hen (speaking part)

II. Jack Pumpkinhead (3’26”)

Mombi the Witch (mezzo-soprano), Narrator (speaking part), Jack Pumpkinhead (baritone)

III. The Patchwork Girl (2’54”)

Margolotte (alto), Narrator (speaking part), Magician (tenor), Glass Cat (mezzo-soprano), Patchwork Girl (soprano)

IV. Ozma (6’55”)
Chorus SATB, Narrator (speaking part), Ozma (speaking part), Jack Pumpkinhead (speaking part)

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