Fiddle Page and Spreadsheet!

I’ve been doing so much fiddle these days that it feels like an important part of my musical identity. Check out the new fiddle page to read more about my band and other related pursuits! My band Turas did a concert at Eureka College this spring, which was a really fun way to combine my choral conducting and Irish fiddle pursuits. Turas has recorded a new album, which is in the mixing and mastering stage. I’m also planning a solo album that will feature my original fiddle tunes. I did a lot of vocals and fiddle (or violin? you decide what the style sounds like!) on my partner Brian’s latest folk/folk-rock album, The One That Isn’t Burned

As for my Compositions page and sheet music store: Sometimes what we need is a good old spreadsheet. I invite you to take a look at my revamped Compositions page and search for whatever music you need! You can look for specific keywords like “light,” “praise,” etc., sort the spreadsheet by voicing or instrumentation, search by language, and more. You can also download it and use Excel/Google Sheets/Sheets to use their more versatile features. I got the idea from Marques L. A. Garrett’s “Beyond Elijah Rock” website, which is one of my favorite resources to find choral music by Black composers.

I’m about to head to New England to spend some time in some of my favorite places: 2 weeks teaching at The Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat  in New Hampshire, 1 week attending the wonderful Northeast Heritage Music Camp in Vermont, and 1 week visiting family and friends in the Boston area. 

There is an endless backlog of things that I need to do on this website, and I usually have about a week or two each year to attend to it. If you have any questions or requests, just contact me at 

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