Sarah Riskind

Choral conductor and composer

Works List

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Mixed Choir, Accompanied

Ancient Miracles: Mi Y’malel and Hanerot Halalu (2017) For SATB choir, piano, and optional violin

Esa Einai (2004) For SATB choir and piano

For the Beauty of the Earth (2015) For SATB choir, piano, and optional violin

Hariyu (2010) For SATB choir and piano

Kyrie (2012) For SATB choir and organ

May the Words of my Mouth (2015) For SATB choir, baritone solo, and piano

Oz Cantata (2016) For SATB choir, soloists, and string quartet

Oseh Shalom (2016) For SATB choir, piano, and optional violin

They Will Blossom (2016) For SATB choir, soloists, cello, and piano

Shiru l’Adonai  (2014) For SATB choir and piano

Sim Shalom (2009) For SATB choir, soprano or tenor soloist, and piano or organ

Shout Unto the Lord (2012) For SATB choir and organ

Something New (2013) For SATB choir and piano

Sonnet XII (2004) For SATB choir and piano

Weep, O Mine Eyes (2011) For SATB choir and chamber orchestra

When I Consider Your Heavens (2010) For SAB choir and piano

Mixed Choir, Unaccompanied

Adonai S’fatai (2007) For SATB choir

Which Time? (2015) For SATB choir

Hanerot Halelu (2016) Canon for any voicing

I Will Sing to the Lord (2012) For SATB choir

If our Mouths were Full of Song (2011) For SATB choir

Responses: Alleluia and Hear My Prayer (2013) For SATB choir

The Silver Swan (2008) For SATB choir

Treble/Women’s Choir

Adonai S’fatai (2007) For SATB choir

Hashamayim (2010) For SA choir and piano

Ki Er’eh Shamecha (2010) For SA choir and piano

Little Wonders (2013) For SSA choir, double bass, and piano

Mi Chamocha (2008) For SA choir and piano

Shine (2010) For SA choir and piano

Y’hi Ch’vod (2010) For SA choir and piano

Vocal Soloist(s)

Austen Observes (2011) For soprano or mezzo-soprano and piano

Heart’s Place (2009) For soprano and chamber orchestra

In the Desert (2016) For SSAA quartet

Threefold Blessing (2009) For soprano, tenor, and organ


Confrontation (2007) For string quartet

Fearful Clarinet (2007) For unaccompanied clarinet

Inner Fears (2008) For clarinet, cello, and piano

Interlude for Strings (2004) For string orchestra

Lazy Cat (2007) For violin, alto saxophone, and piano